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Java is a very powerful object oriented programming language used world over for developing variety of applications. Students pursuing a course on Java have plenty of career options such as take up job as Java programmer, proceed for Sun Java Certification exams and/or learn advanced Java technologies. JAVA IN 6 WEEKS from WOW Services is a quick fire course that includes all the basics and necessary concepts in Java. This course would give an insight on use of various technologies in J2EE and use of Struts framework to unwind development in large scale projects. Students would get a window view of leveraging Java in the current scenario and also its future applications as well. This training course is designed in line with the curriculum used in colleges. The students can opt to continue with industrial training at WOW Services too. They would get an Industrial training certificate on successful completion of training for academic records of the college. WOW Services has placement consultancy wing too which can help the students to get jobs. Students pursuing courses at WOW Services not only learn the subject, moreover earn an experience certificate to get job assistance.

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