In the era of competitive business, making your online presence felt can be a tougher task than it appears. More often you end up losing the race or lag behind. But, how many times did you figure out the actual problem? Is it your website?

Well, it certainly can be! Since, website is the thing that audience see in the first place. It is the face of your brand and any issues with it can adversely cause you.

Now that is an irksome experience you would never want to come across. But, how do you avoid it?

Before you jump into actually creating a website from scratch, ask your web development company in India these five questions. The questions will help you understand what is that you need for developing web.

1. Ask about method
No matter if you are building a blog for personal use, developing a website for business purpose or any other, motto is to reach the target audience. You may want to use templates for your website or may want it to be built from scratch. Ask them about their method and the technologies they use so that you both are clear on that front.

2. Interview developers and designers
Developers and designers are the ultimate ones that are responsible to build your site and skills and expertise aren’t something you can comprise on. Before you put your money on a project make sure the resources are worth the investment. You can ask for their previous work, skills, and certificates or even conduct an interview session with them to select only the best ones.

3. Ask for client reviews and testimony
Client reviews and testimonials are as crucial as any other part. You can’t risk believing in fake reviews and testimonials. An amateur website design company in India isn’t possibly your best bet. Make sure you do your research and if needed, contact the clients to personally estimate their service proficiency.

4. Ask if they understand your brand
Designing a website isn’t just designing the pages as you want. One needs to understand the brand image, its theme, motto, and vision to design it immaculately. Only then the design will reflect your brand’s spitting image. So, ask them a lot of questions about their understanding of your brand and choose only the suitable most company.

5. Ask about project manager
Even if the company has a seasoned team of developers and designers, they may fail to meet deadlines. What can be the reason? Management possibly? Without an efficient project manager, the team may fail to meet targets and deliver it in the due time. Time is of great essence and with each new website launching into market your chances of achieving the success become somewhat less.

Evidently, one has to be top of their game to keep up with the growing digital era. Your choices matter. Here, we have simply crafted five simple points that are worth a million thoughts but is often neglected. Ask your web portal development company these before you make any sound decision.